Light therapy


I’ve been meaning to get out and see the Bruce Munro installation at Cheekwood since May. My brain was having sort of a bad day yesterday so I decided to go ahead and get that done in the hopes that it would cheer me up. It worked. The little spheres of light cover the grass and undulate, passing their colors around in waves. At times you get the feeling like you’re looking at a huge, fiber-optic tulip field in Holland, and at other times it’s like something out of Fern Gully, where the plants glow with life.







You can view the whole set here or watch this lovely slideshow. But photos don’t really do it justice. You just sort of have to go see it and find a good bench on which to sit in the cool autumn air and take it in.

A plug for a cool kid’s book

Bob Logan books are pure art

Jason and Alana gave Holden Bob Logan’s “Rocket Town” for Christmas last year. We’ve read it a hundred times and I never get tired of looking at the beautiful illustrations. Each page is art that I would happily frame.

If you have a young ‘un and are on the lookout for cool board books that have simple story lines and incredible illustrations, or need a nice shower/birthday/holiday gift, you can’t go wrong with Logan.

A new name for an old pursuit

New beginnings, I guess. I’m trying.

Theogeo Design & Photography was a cumbersome name so now it’s Eyedot Creative.

Here’s an explanation.

The Twitter‘ and Facebook changed, too, and did you know I have a Tumblr?

Come to the East Buntyn ArtWalk on Sunday and say hello

Acccck! Where is the time going? I am so behind on posting! I meant to post about this a while back and never have really had the chance.

Sunday is the third-annual East Buntyn ArtWalk. I will be there with a tent and some tables and a baby and some family members (the specific composition of family yet to be determined) and lots of photos and artwork and crafty stuff for sale. Come say hello, come buy stuff, come make my baby laugh, come drink the free wine that will be available at some of the booths.

Here’s a listing of some of the things I will have available at the booth. I’ve been working for more than a month and a half now getting stuff together. It has been intense, working full time, taking care of the baby, and doing this on top of all that. But it’s been fun, too.

Hope to see you there!

Check out East Buntyn ArtWalk on Facebook.

Edited to add: Um, derp. I could tell you where I’ll be, couldn’t I? I will be stationed near the southeast corner of Reese and Midland, just a couple of houses down from Midland. Event organizers encourage everyone to start their walk at the St. James Church at 461 South Prescott, where there will be a silent auction as well as a map of the festivities and printed ads (like the one above) so you’ll know what goods are available where. So do stop by there. But then come visit me! I’m super close to the church. Follow me on Twitter for updates!

The happy (hopefully) hawker

theogeo design & photography banner

Saturday morning at 6, I will rise out of bed like a very large, potentially grumpy phoenix and make my way to Cooper-Young to set up my booth for Cooper-Young Festival. I’ll be in C7, which is over by Cafe Ole on Cooper.

I’ll be selling the same sorts of things that are available in my Etsy shop: photo prints (framed and unframed), quirky art prints, crafty things, note cards, recipe cards, posters, magnets, and opportunities to sign up for custom work. I’ve never sold any of my stuff in person before, nor have I ever manned a craft-fair booth, so this should be all sorts of learning experiences rolled into one. I honestly have no idea what to expect, so I am going to keep the bar nice and low and not expect too much. Just some networking and socializing and people-watching, and hoping people like my stuff at least enough to stop by and take a card. I keep reading online that people don’t buy photos at craft fairs. Uh, or at all, really. But I figure I have to put myself out there and at least try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that.

Later this week once I get everything organized, I’ll post a preview of what will be for sale. There will be several things not available in the Etsy shop.

some of my inventory some more inventory

So if you’ll be at C-Y Fest, come say hello!