Christmas, baby

The whole having-a-birthday-on-Christmas thing really isn’t that bad on the whole — really! — but the bit that I could truly do without is the mad dash I have to make every year to get ready for Christmas. I spend the two weeks before my birthday and the day of my birthday in this frantic state where I spend all my money and I spend all my time thinking of stuff to buy, stuff to make, then buying stuff, making stuff, wrapping stuff, transporting stuff, directing traffic and working longer hours to ensure smooth production on the holiday. It’s exhausting. And my actual birthday will be spent traveling to my parents’, cramming in as much family fun as possible in a few hours, and traveling back. Interstate 40 isn’t the most fun place to be on a regular day, you know, but I feel like I need to be there.

When you have a birthday on Christmas, you can’t just get your friends together to go out and toast your latest year on the planet. People’s time is reserved for family and nothing is open anyway. That’s the second worst part.

Other than those two things, it’s not so bad. Really.

Birth of the boyfriend

I have no doubt that posting this photo will earn me an earful or two, but I’m going to do it anyway. Because it’s adorable and I’m a dork and this is my blog and neener!


Happy birthday, baby. Let’s keep on laughing.

I suck at my birthday

Every year, I’m all, This year I’m going to get people together the week before Christmas for birthday drinks! And every year I do nothing of the sort because Christmas insanity and work obligations settle like lead and by the 23rd I feel like I am underwater, and the time just evaporates. I have never gone out to celebrate my birthday. Ever. In 29 years. It’s weird watching other people do it. It looks like fun. Some day I have got to figure out how to get that done.

Memorial Day weekend photodump

Memorial Day weekend was also the weekend my grandmother turned 78 years old. She’s my only remaining grandparent and I am working on the technology to allow her to live forever.

sunset in milledgeville   puppypuppypuppy

IMG_0364   grassy   78

birthday girl   IMG_0374

evan wade   "please put me back"

IMG_0663   seeds   makaleka

decatur county, tenn.   left   IMG_0383

The Catsylvanians have had a birthday

Freckleface and Gingerballs turned three years old on April 20. I simply cannot let the date of their birth pass without posting this picture, which I know I have posted on this blog before as a lolcat but which still cracks me up mightily, even sans words.

tongue action

It’s really weird that I thought Jack was a girl back then. He grew up to be a big ol’ boy. And Sally is my little ninja. Right now they’re lounging on the pet beds in the office — Jack to my left and Sally to my right — just waiting for me to go to bed so they can either crank up their energy and stalk around the house like tiny psycho tigers OR sweetly get in bed with me and keep me warm. I never really know what they’ll be in the mood for from night to night. They like to keep it interesting that way.

Here’s to finally being out of those terrible twos!

If, for some reason, you find yourself unable to find any photographs of cats on the internet, might I direct you to this compilation?



Her birthday was actually Friday, but I’m wishing her a bloggy happy birthday as hard as I possibly can.