Click the link, read, cringe, laugh, drink, repeat in whatever order you prefer

Someone(s) in Memphis have a new site and I just found out about it a few minutes ago but I’ve already decided it’s the best thing ever and I even submitted a story (!!!).

It’s called I Showered for Nothing and it’s transcendent. If I don’t already know who’s behind it, I definitely want to meet who’s behind it.

I’ll take twelve

1901 trade card - Femenina for women, female disorder cure, VanVleet-Mansfield Drug Co., Memphis, Tenn.

You know. For your FEMALE DISORDERS like feelings and dreams.

(From the always incredible BIRCH from Memphis Flickr feed.)

‘And I’m like, don’t wuuuuuur ’bout it’

This song has been stuck in my head for days and I don’t mind.

Things I miss about Memphis

An occasional installment in an ongoing series. To be read in a wistful voice.

• Your Memphis Grizzlies, taking names and kicking ass. Although I will say I have been pleasantly surprised by seeing the Grizz on public TVs here in Nashville.
• Being able to drive to and pick up a lens.
• Black Lodge
• A marked lack of traffic
SpillIt, which I don’t technically miss because I wasn’t there when it started, but it sounds super cool.
• My pediatrician, my dentist, my eye doctor, and Ike’s.
• You and you and you and you.
• The Cove.

Come to the East Buntyn ArtWalk on Sunday and say hello

Acccck! Where is the time going? I am so behind on posting! I meant to post about this a while back and never have really had the chance.

Sunday is the third-annual East Buntyn ArtWalk. I will be there with a tent and some tables and a baby and some family members (the specific composition of family yet to be determined) and lots of photos and artwork and crafty stuff for sale. Come say hello, come buy stuff, come make my baby laugh, come drink the free wine that will be available at some of the booths.

Here’s a listing of some of the things I will have available at the booth. I’ve been working for more than a month and a half now getting stuff together. It has been intense, working full time, taking care of the baby, and doing this on top of all that. But it’s been fun, too.

Hope to see you there!

Check out East Buntyn ArtWalk on Facebook.

Edited to add: Um, derp. I could tell you where I’ll be, couldn’t I? I will be stationed near the southeast corner of Reese and Midland, just a couple of houses down from Midland. Event organizers encourage everyone to start their walk at the St. James Church at 461 South Prescott, where there will be a silent auction as well as a map of the festivities and printed ads (like the one above) so you’ll know what goods are available where. So do stop by there. But then come visit me! I’m super close to the church. Follow me on Twitter for updates!