Don’t kill books and don’t kill movies, you jerks!

I love Andrew Sullivan, y’all know I do, but his giddy anticipation of the fall of traditional media (newspapers, dead-tree books, movie theaters; the giddiness is my reading, of course; his actual posts on the matter are calm and diplomatic, for the most part) gets me all squirmy in the bad way and riled up. Not just because it will inevitably put me out of a job but because this notion of a democratized media landscape OF THE FUTURE is predicated on the notion that everyone will be able to afford all those fancy devices required to deliver content to your home in the media landscape OF THE FUTURE.

Ebooks are often inexpensive, sure, but you have to have some fancy device to read them on. And a data plan, usually.

And this idea that movie theaters will become obsolete because everyone has a badass surround-sound 3D TV that is the size of a small house and they can just have movies instantly beamed to their media centers? I realize I am, like, a born luddite most of the time, but I swear not everyone has or can afford the kind of media setup that would inspire people to abandon the movie theater altogether. Going to the movies, while ridiculously expensive, fucking rules. Maybe I think this because I only get to do it three times a year, and I am one of those people who does it for the moviegoing experience. And YES that experience includes bitching about the people in the next row who won’t shut up or stop texting.

I don’t know. I’m rambling.

The point is, there are people in this world who can’t afford at-home entertainment setups that will rival the current media delivery setup for books and movies, and as long as we live in a country with a glut of working poor as we do now, that isn’t going to change very much. A $12 movie ticket is still going to be a more likely splurge than a $500 TV. Right?

Oh my god. I am completely out of touch, aren’t I?

I have a 27-inch CRT TV in my living room, hooked up to cable WITH NO DVR.

The Honda lawyer

We watched The Lincoln Lawyer the other night and now Ray wants to work out of the back of a car. He decided it’d be the perfect opportunity to use a tagline — “The lawyer who comes to YOU!”

I suggested that the forgo a car altogether and just get an unmarked white van.

I’m here to help.


This is cool, but all I could think was, “Why the hell is Pauly Shore beating the crap out of this guy?”

Last Day Dream [HD] from Chris Milk on Vimeo.

Day 222: Rainbow Surpreme

Day 222: Rainbow Supreme

From the local cultural staple known as Jerry’s Sno Cones (I’ve searched and searched for the Great Balls of Fire clip that features Jerry’s to no avail). After suffering the crushing ego blow one feels when one’s car’s front undercarriage scrapes the curb in front of a tittering crowd, AY-D and I sheepishly ordered a Rainbow Supreme and a White Wedding Surpreme, respectively. We immediately launched into brain-freeze mode and lodged our tongues in the roofs of our mouths. Ah, summer.

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Day 198: Power House

Day 198: Power House

My pal D alerted me to the $5 Friday midnight matinees going on this month in the basement over at Power House, which suits this night owl just fine. We saw "Teeth," which I liked way more than I expected to. Next week: "Fido." Vagina dentata AND zombies? It’s like they’re showing these flicks just for me!

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‘Making family, making home, making business, making art, making children, making life’

I am excited to see this:

IN A DREAM: Theatrical Trailer from Herzliya Films on Vimeo.