‘You didn’t know how to react to being seen’

This song says more than I am allowed to.

I ran out of white dove feathers
To soak up the hot piss that comes from your mouth
Every time you address me

‘On our way, so it seems’

I remember when this song was new in the world and so was I, in a way.

Memphis. Windows down, sun setting, so bored and lost that I felt annoyed by all the goddamned freedom.

The past several months (years) have worn me down in ways I could not have predicted but that seem necessary for me to evolve. I’ve made some very difficult decisions but I am buoyed by the thought of better days to come. My story isn’t done. It’s just getting started. I’ve got a little partner in crime now and we have the silliest adventures and I am watching the road laid out in front of us, arcing toward something great. I could not have predicted that part of the story if you’d asked me a year ago.