‘Slow dream plannin’ up my next scheme’

Sleater-Kinney coming back from the dead at this moment in my life is serendipity.

Now if Rage Against the Machine could get back to it, that’d be perfection.

‘You got a copperhead kiss hidden up your sleeve, thirty-three’

I’ll be 33 in two weeks.

To mark this occasion, I have Googled famous people who died at 33 and re-learned that Chris Farley and John Belushi were both 33 at the moment of their untimely demises. Not to mention good ol’ Eva Braun, who is the postergal for bad taste in men.

Ahhhh, what a refreshing dose of reality on the eve of my continued slog toward middle age.

I am going to go ahead and start wistfully thinking back on 32 since it takes me a month to write a single post these days.

Thirty-two was a good year. I kind of can’t believe it went down how it did but I’m happy with it. I did some things I never dreamed I would or could but now I have a bit of a taste for the unexpected and unobtainable. So we will see how that pans out.

‘Try not to hold on to what is gone’

Mildly obsessed with this song at the moment.

‘If you think this is over then you’re wrong’

I forgot all about “King of Limbs” until I accidentally played it the other day and now it’s all I want.

‘Don’t make me say’

This song makes me want to lip sync to the mirror using my most pouty come-hither face. The one where I pretend I have Megan Fox’s mouth.

‘It told me I’m small, and I swallowed it down’

‘Your purple prose just gives you away’

This song just came on the radio and I could see it changing Holden’s life instantly.

‘So if you tell me that you’ll have me, never leave me ’til I die’

‘Get a cheaper ticket next time’

“You are a total guy,” a friend recently said to me. He wasn’t being pejorative and I couldn’t really dispute the notion. The older and more ornery I get the more I tend to act like a stereotypical dude, with my careless potty mouth and quiet but constant aggression. I’m not necessarily happy about it but I’m not necessarily fighting it either. Especially since I am not even sure what it means other than I am entirely free with my words and I am kind of an animal in ways that are not polite to talk about.

I do, however, have a long way to go on emotionally detaching from all things that can hurt me.

I’ve posted this song here before but I swear every time I remember it exists it makes me so happy that it’s worth a repost or twelve.