‘Get a cheaper ticket next time’

“You are a total guy,” a friend recently said to me. He wasn’t being pejorative and I couldn’t really dispute the notion. The older and more ornery I get the more I tend to act like a stereotypical dude, with my careless potty mouth and quiet but constant aggression. I’m not necessarily happy about it but I’m not necessarily fighting it either. Especially since I am not even sure what it means other than I am entirely free with my words and I am kind of an animal in ways that are not polite to talk about.

I do, however, have a long way to go on emotionally detaching from all things that can hurt me.

I’ve posted this song here before but I swear every time I remember it exists it makes me so happy that it’s worth a repost or twelve.

‘What is what I need’

I forgot I had this song on my iPod and then I remembered it and now I can’t stop playing it.

If you and I ever find ourselves on a couples quiz show together, and the question is “What is Lindsey’s favorite Nirvana song?”, you are going to to have to flip a coin and guess either this or “Lounge Act.” Depending on my mood and the placement of the moon in the sky and the strength of the wind that day.