Hashtag summer

Magic hour


This is the kind of thing the sun does to the trees round about 6:30 in the spring in Tennessee.

No filter. No editing.

This is about to sound a lot like bragging, but…




Goddamn, this state is beautiful.

Tightrope walker


A stroll through City Cemetery


I didn’t plan to end up in a cemetery yesterday, but I did. I had the day off work and after an indulgent morning spent lounging in bed, watching TV, I got the itch to go somewhere and take photos. And, after driving around for a little while, City Cemetery is where I ended up.

The City Cemetery is Nashville’s oldest continuously operated public cemetery. So much history and so many prominent Nashvillians rest there. I hadn’t planned to go there yesterday so I hadn’t done any research beforehand, or else I would have known that the back lots that I thought were empty and awaiting burials are actually unmarked graves, including one of famous slave “Doctor Jack” Macon.

It was just me and 23,000 others in the cemetery yesterday. Quiet, hot. Watching the birds and waiting on the breeze.

_MG_9641crop _MG_9677

_MG_9666 _MG_9663

(Sundial inscription says, “Still on it creeps, each little moment at another’s heels”)


_MG_9648 _MG_9638bw



_MG_9730 _MG_9719



See the full set of photos here.

Curled up, not asleep


When you get close enough to one of these things, you can see how much they look like some kind of alien cyborg with brightly colored armor. And they just look mean.

Tiny prayers



This little dude was just hanging out on the knob of the rocking chair the other day.

‘All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on’


Let go.