I only screamed once while taking this


And that’s because she spazzed out and made some sick-looking movements, I guess because a grasshopper nearly got caught in the web. Dumbass.

Anyway, this spider has been living just outside my front door, suspended between the coral bells and the lavender mums, for weeks now. I have left her alone. She lives just below my porch light so I imagine she eats pretty well. She has a companion of sorts (a kid?) who appears to be missing some legs. Neither of them seems to enjoy it when I remember to water my plants.

This thing is my neighbor


And I find the tacky nightly light show to be utterly charming.

Gatlinburg in pictures


gat4   gat49   gat27

gat32   gat24

gat67   gat48


Foliage foliage foliage

I can’t be stopped and I won’t apologize.


crape myrtle leaves   japanese maple   bright green

Hello, neighbor dog


So nice of you to bark at me when I was taking pictures of the neighbor’s Japanese maple and then escort me home when I got scared of you and ran away.

The crape myrtles in my front yard give good face

Look at these sexy beasts!


IMG_7150   IMG_7187

IMG_7161   IMG_7175   IMG_7181