People coming to buy papers

They are directing traffic in the parking lot of my office so that people can drive up and buy editions of today’s paper. Demand was so high that they printed up 40,000 additional copies and they’ll be offering up other promotional items in the days to come.

I’ve not been in the newspaper business very long, so I’ve only lived through an era in which print is said to be dying a slow death. I’ve never really known what it feels like to face great demand for your product, so I have to confess: It’s flippin’ awesome.

Things that are making me stupid giddy right now

fucking finally (seen above) and

• My man won. I have backed him all along and I can’t even tell you what a relief it is to see him come out ahead with such a wide margin. I have faith in him and I know fully well that he could disappoint me hugely (being human and all) but I believe in his essential goodness enough to really really root for him to do the right thing and feel reasonably confident that he will make good judgments and surround himself with good, sensible people. Coming off of eight years of following what seemed to be an absurd and ironic morality play, it is going to take some time to get used to being led by an intellectually curious and fairly inspiring personality. What a dilemma, right?

• We got happy hour prices and a free shot of tequila tonight (and a plastic election-night hat!) at The Cove. And there were people there shaking noisemakers and shouting “Viva la revolucion!” And the barkeep made a funny face when I ordered tequila and wine at the same time. We finally explained where we worked and I think then he understood the urgent need for liquor, which is, I think, why we got the discount.

• Sarah Palin might very well become a historical footnote, and hopefully a cautionary tale about how sex appeal used as political strategy is FUCKING BOGUS.

• This country just evolved. Just took a major leap forward. Fifty years ago it was perfectly fine to deny black people participation in our society. And now? Clearly their participation is fucking crucial and important and in a fully undeniable way (as it should have been all along). Apparently there are some white folks who don’t understand why their fellow white folks would get emotional and excited about the prospect of a non-white presidential candidate. To which I can only say IF YOU DON’T GET IT, THEN YOU DON’T FUCKING GET IT AND NO ONE IS OBLIGATED TO EXPLAIN IT TO YOU.

• Tears if joy. When’s the last time I actually cried those?


I’m so excited/nervous/barfy/worried about how today is going to unfold. I have my hunches and my hopes, but we all know those don’t amount to a hill of vomit-flavored jelly beans.

I remember being so full of hope in 2004 and then feeling all that slip away like sand in my fingers. Dirty, stinking, fickle sand that I clearly never had a grasp on anyway. Waking up and knowing Bush had managed to pull it out and that so many people I know and loved helped him just wrecked me. I was embarrassed and angry and just defeated at the prospect of four more years being led by a borderline evil and ineloquent fucktard. Knowing the Dubya era is now coming to a close and that it might actually give way to something positive and potentially unifying fills me with hope and the delicious saltwater tears of pride.

I don’t know how I will handle another defeat. No, really. If this country unites in complacency and fear and puts Grumpy and Dopey in office, I am going to have to take some time to think real hard about what that means.

I have never worked a presidential election at a real paper before. We’ll have pizza and cookies and I’ll be swilling coffee, so chances are I might go into sugar shock before it’s all over. I’m going in early and staying late to make sure we do it right. Also, because my nerves are about to eat me alive and sitting around the apartment in my pajamas isn’t making me feel any better.

History is about to be made, y’all. Let’s be on the good side of it.

(Election-day work pimpage: The CA has a really cool project mapping local polling places and what’s happening at them.)


Did y’all see that story that caused Matt Drudge’s latest scandalgasm? The one where the white campaign worker in Pittsburgh claimed she was attacked by a black man who became enraged when he saw a McCain sticker on her car, and pounced on her, beat the crap out of her, then carved a B into her cheek? Yeah. That story, didja see it?

Well, guess what. She made it up!

HT: Sully, who also calls our attention to what John Moody, the executive VP of Fox News, said regarding the alleged incident:

If Ms. Todd’s allegations are proven accurate, some voters may revisit their support for Senator Obama, not because they are racists (with due respect to Rep. John Murtha), but because they suddenly feel they do not know enough about the Democratic nominee.

As Andrew points out, this is a hugely racist statement in itself, and YES, it would absolutely be racist if people reconsidered their support for Obama specifically over this incident. Oy.

Update: Oh, lol:


HT: Wage

This election has officially driven me insane. Er. Insaner.

Last night I dreamed that I had awesome clandestine closet sex with Barack Obama at a party.

And then I felt really, really bad for doing such a thing to Michelle.