Time travel

The pace of everything is maddening. I am having a hard time getting settled, getting footing, re-settling on routines. I hate living out of boxes and I hate feeling like I don’t know anything about my own life anymore. It’s part of the transition but not having any time to sit and think and wallow in what I should do is really throwing me for a loop. That checklist of stressful life events? I am marking things off one by one like a shopping list. It will all congeal eventually but right now it feels like constant chaos. I still need to do Holden’s 9-month post. Nine months! But I can’t find my camera’s card reader and I rarely have a moment to myself to sit and do anything but think about other things I need to be doing. I signed up for this; I’m not surprised and I’m not complaining. I am just documenting.

I am forgetting what a luxury extra time is and my hunch is it just keeps telescoping from here.

Day 66 — Mousehand

mousehand — March 7

There’s a million things I want to write about — like Jimmy and Theresa’s visit this weekend and my trip home — but I’m ass-deep in unanswered e-mails and projects and blah blah communication-hooey. Maybe I’ll be back on top of things by Saturday. And maybe by Saturday I’ll go outside in this gaw-juss weather instead of lying around on the couch, stretching, moaning, reading, photographing my fingers, drinking, and painting my nails slut red.

Project 365