Day 67: Birth of a Bromance

Day 67: Birth of a Bromance

To be fair, it’s not technically the birth. This bromance has been brewing for a long time. We won’t speak of the incident at Christmas. Also, I love how Ben is totally selling it with the bedroom face. Tooooootally selling. Broooootally selling it.

*ducks to avoid a neck-shanking from Zach*

I was going to post a photo of the delicious plate of Make-It-Work potluck goodness (seriously, the things you people make out of random unplanned pantry ingredients is ridonkulous), but hot damn, every other picture of this 365 project has been taken of food, or in a restaurant or bar. And the only pictures I’ve taken today (Monday) have been in a restaurant. Of food. And a box containing leftovers. This is problematic for many reasons but mostly because it means that it is really going to sting when this decadent lifestyle inevitably comes to a halt. Also because it means I still can’t quite fit into my favorite jeans and this is most distressing for me and, I’m sure, everyone else on the planet, GAH.

So instead of yet another food foto, I went with the picture of the Brief but Great Closetalking Experiment of 2009. You’re welcome.

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Day 365 — Cheers!

[for Monday, Dec. 31]

cheers — dec 31

Okay, so I got the issue all figured out. Turns out I had duplicated Day 318, so it’s been off since then. As far as I know, I’ve gone back and renumbered everything since that day, so we should be kosher. I had some days in there that were just crazy off. Like, 224 instead of 324. Etc. Proof that you can blog in your sleep!

So this last photo — fittingly of a glass of wine, shared in the company of several friends on New Year’s Eve — brings Project 365 to a close. I have actually had more fun than I thought I would, and I can’t believe I made it without missing a single day. I love going back and looking through my daily pictures to see what was happening in my life at any given time. I’m proud of the collection as a whole. I think I’ll get to hang on to more memories than I would have had I not collected a photo every day.

I had actually thought briefly about continuing through this year — Project 366, because it’s a leap year — but things are crazy right now and I am so tired that I think I’ll just cool it for a while. Maybe I’ll get back to writing here more regularly in 2008. I used to write really long, meandering, personal posts about life and nature and politics and The Universe and lots of stuff most people probably don’t care to read but that I remember really enjoying writing about. I don’t do that very much anymore. Posting photos is a lot easier, and a lot less risky. But not nearly as cathartic.

So maybe I’ll try my hand at it again.

This coming year could prove to be extremely interesting and extremely tough. There are changes on the horizon for me. I worry about how things will work out. I dread having to make Big Decisions. But I’ve got some hope stashed away. I’m trying to keep it pragmatic and not get too carried away with anticipation of the future. But it’s there.

The good news is that life, even when it’s hard, is still pretty good to me.

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