Snowzilla 2016

We got walloped the morning of Jan. 22. The forecasts had all predicted the white stuff would gear up after noon, but it started in earnest around 7 a.m. and blanketed the city with upwards of 8 inches some places. My commute to work was treacherous, and took me more than an hour. Part of that hour was spent idle on Rosa Parks, stuck behind a procession of cars and trucks that couldn’t get up an icy hill. People were out of their cars, pushing. I waited under an overpass (strategically, so I wouldn’t get buried in the snow that was still falling around us) until finally there was enough room between stalled cars for me to give it a go. I made it. My other option was to abandon my car, which I considered briefly. Not a great feeling.

Anyway, for as scary as it was, it really was quite beautiful. I was so excited to get Holden from his dad’s so that he and I could play in it, but he was not all that into it. “Let’s play in the snow!” I said. “And build a snowman!” He scrunched up his face. “Maybe later. I want to go inside where it’s warm.” And just like that, my 4-year-old turned 40.

Here’s a gallery of photos, taken over a couple of days.

Be gone


Normally I try not to get too upset at winter for doing its thing. Just let it run its course. It’ll lose steam and get gone and we’ll see it creeping back in later in the year after it’s run off to have its affairs elsewhere.

Hell, I even appreciate that winter gives me a few months of long sleeves, layers, tights, coats and scarves.

But this year…

You gotta go, dude. Get.

We fought hard for spring this year


… and winter is still holding on a bit. We have earned spring, though. Like it’s some lusted-after prize won in a back-alley fight club match, we’ll gladly accept it even though we are bruised and bloodied. And sneezing. Because this spring is murder on the head.

Snow day


Completely unexpected. In my old life, I might have missed it entirely, since here it is nearly 11 a.m. and it’s melting.

Day 116: The Neverending Storm Clouds


They ended, of course. But it sure didn’t seem like they were going to.

[Project 365]

Day 115: Basement Dwellers


Weathering the storm(s).

[Project 365]

Week twelve

This week the clouds dumped roughly three thousand inches of water onto us over the course of several days, and I was very grateful for a roof over my head. I spent some time in the basement at work as a menacing cell moved through Downtown. The sun is out today. All around us and especially to the south, there are enormous amounts of carnage and destruction. The death toll was still in double digits when I went to bed. No more. It’s an awful reality to wake up to today for many, many people.

This video has been making the internet rounds and it is truly amazing. I don’t understand tornadoes. I can look at explanatory diagrams and illustrations all the livelong day and I will still never be able to wrap my mind around why the sky needs to get so pissed off and reach down and sweep the ground like that. It’s barbaric. We will never outcivilize that. Toward the end of that video, you hear the guy whimpering in horror and complete disbelief of what he has seen. It’s like he’s caught a glimpse of the true face of God and it ain’t beautiful. It’s an unwieldy, hideous monster.

And then, as is customary, we appeal to God for comfort in the aftermath. That’s the circle of life, I suppose.

Speaking of other circles of life, the baby plumped up to plum size this week, and I have read that its facial features are becoming more defined. One feature it can be sure to look forward to is insane eyebrows. Mommy and Daddy are both afflicted with this sickness. Daddy especially because he is Polish.

I’m starting to imagine what it’s going to be like to not be able to maneuver my body in ways I’m used to. Already I find pants to be an annoying barrier between me and a life well lived. Well, moreso than I already did. For a month now it’s been uncomfortable to lie on my stomach at all; it literally feels like there’s a plum in there. Do you think the Princess and the Pea was actually a cautionary tale about pregnancy? Just putting that out there, Universe. Discuss.

We met with a midwife on Tuesday. She’s every bit as kickass as I had been led to believe, so that’s encouraging. She sent me home with a packet of information and a nice, confident feeling that home birth is what I want to strive for. I know enough about The World AKA The Internet to know that even saying that aloud invites lots of unsolicited input on the matter. I’ve been on the crinkle-your-nose-at-the-thought side of that fence too. But that’s okay. Getting used to unsolicited input is the first rule of motherhood. Learning to say, “That’s nice but kindly fuck off” is the second rule.

I am starting to have visions of what the nursery should look like. I keep waffling on whether or not I want to bother painting, even though I’m tired of the brown-ish neutral in there. The process is going to require a lot of shuffling and a lot of purging. The packrattery will hopefully be overpowered by the nesting. I foresee spring cleaning, lasting until, oh, October 31 or so.