I’ll take twelve

1901 trade card - Femenina for women, female disorder cure, VanVleet-Mansfield Drug Co., Memphis, Tenn.

You know. For your FEMALE DISORDERS like feelings and dreams.

(From the always incredible BIRCH from Memphis Flickr feed.)

The problem with being a woman

If you keep your mouth shut and try to roll with the punches when something bothers you, you run the risk of being completely run over. Or of being called passive-aggressive later, when you draw attention to the fact that you knew shit wasn’t right but that you were picking your battles and trying to be understanding, even against your better instincts.

But if you open your mouth straightaway, you’re going to get called a nag.

You can’t fucking win. The game is rigged.

Women’s History song by Will Forte

I lol’ed at the Helen Keller part. Hard.

Day 29: Thawing

Day 29: Thawing

My crud seems to be worsening. I might actually have to haul ass to the doctor, despite my eight-year-old-inner-child protests.

On the subject of frigidity (we were talking about that, right?), I finally reviewed The World’s Dumbest Book. Did that feel good, you ask? Yes. Yes, it did. I got so carried away that I left out the part where the author lists her cures to low self-esteem. Among them? Cut out all sugar, refined flour, salt, and sweets from your diet two weeks before your big date. Uh huh. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, just pop a lemon Ricola in your mouth! That’s right. It’s 2009 and women are still trying to fix their lives by crash dieting and finding men to latch on to? WAKE UP.

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Poll: Should men be given the option to have babies?

This is just fucking embarrassing. I put up a post at iDiva approximately 12 hours ago but so far I am the only person on the planet to have voted in the little poll (I’m sure you can guess which response I voted for). I think as soon as people see my byline over there, they keep scrolling or something.

So go read the post and vote, wouldja? At least make it look like what I’ve said is worth consideration.

And then come back here and consider this:

It’s a given that medical research into the arena of male pregnancy makes a lot of people feel icky. Conservatives are probably particularly put off by the thought, because of its completely revolutionary and non-traditional essence. Male pregnancy turns all of human history on its head.

BUT — if men were given the option of carrying pregnancies to term, could it be spun as a way to reduce abortions? If, say, a couple found out the woman was pregnant, and she wanted to abort but he wanted to keep the child, could it be worked out so that the fetus could be transplanted into the man and carried to term as he wishes?

Assuming fetus transplanting in this hypothetical is safe and routine, where is the drawback to such a scenario? Presumably the woman would be bound to the same child-support obligations as a man would have been in a traditional pregnancy.

It’s science fiction (for now) and it’s controversial, but it’s damned interesting.