The cats have arrived

Somebody pissed himself on the car ride to Nashville Hidey hole

They’ve been here 12 hours and already I’ve had to give one of them (who was pee-soaked from the drive) a bath and the other got trapped behind the water heater for an hour. I’ll let you guess who did what.

Pet living is tough.

Uncle Mr. Kitty gets close

Most of the time when we try to show Holden the cats, he looks everywhere but at them, or he shrieks in their faces and they gallop off. The other night we were chilling on the couch and Jack just plopped himself down beside the baby and hung out despite being kicked repeatedly. Like it was no big thing. I died of cute but came back to life thanks to the abundance of life-giving cute in the air.

Happy Halloween


May all your pumpkin-snarfing dreams come true.

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Positive reinforcement


Amanda and Kristin brought us some pretty blue cut hydrangea blooms for the shower last weekend, and Jack has been eyeing them longingly every day since then. But he hasn’t made a pounce for them. So I rewarded his restraint by letting him have a chomp or twelve on my banana peel.



You can tell he’s fantasizing about sucking the life out of an infant — just look at him.

My creative director, hard at work


He has been overseeing my progress today. And making sure to get the new glider given to us by my mom and dad fully covered in his hair.

Day 75/365: Window Sentinel


She’s my lookout. Mailpersons beware.

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