Today’s uke-and-trumpet pause

I pulled this video for the song (“The Bunker” by Beirut) but then realized the video is pretty cool too.

I wish I could paint.

‘I’ll change everything I can’

Lordy lou, I can’t wait to see these boys again. Bonnarooooo!

‘Discipline is what we lack’

My latest earworm is courtesy of my pal Ashley and all the awesome new-to-me music she sent my way recently. (Ignore the dead air at the end of the song in this clip. Official version has embedding disabled.)

I have an iPhone now, and I have cats

My apologies in advance for all the mundane videos I will no doubt inflict upon you because I can.

This phone has a real hard-on for YouTube, but I’m a Vimeo gal. Anyone know when a Vimeo app will be up and running? Or is there one I’ve missed?

‘Some more, yes please, some more’

I’m heading to Nashville in a bit to see my girl Regina tonight at the Ryman. Saw her there before in 2008 and I was wine weepy and it was fabulous. She sounds just as amazing in person as she does on her records, which is rare for a lot of musicians. So excited to see her again with even more songs for her to choose from.

Forgive the geekery but I am in love with her and Amber met her this summer and mentioned me by name to her so she technically knows I exist omfg!!!



The earworm I’ve not been able to get rid of lately:

There is something about this song that makes me feel 18 and invincible again. Because, for serious, I was invincible when I was 18.

Free summer ’09 playlist here, if you are in the market for music. (HT: @mdinstuhl)

Completely inappropriate and unassailably awesome

Happy Friday, world.

God bless the Twittertubes.

‘It feels all right as long as something’s happening’

If you need me, I’ll be cleaning my apartment and possibly shaking my ass to this song:

White people ruin everything

Don’t dare click away until you see what happens at 1:57.

HT: JT Scat Cat

‘Hot, wet, stinky cash’

For all y’all Dane Cook haters:

I miss being in Murfreesboro and watching this show while stuck to my couch.