Why I am not in charge of naming flowers


While hiking up Lookout Mountain last year, Nick Fowler and I for some reason started talking about black-eyed Susans and how they got their name. We pretty much settled on the only possibility that made sense to us at the time: That the black-eyed Susan was a flower insensitively and macabrely named for a domestic violence altercation of yore. That is not true, the internet tells me, and I am quite relieved.

Anyway, I have some sweet black-eyed Susans in the yard this year — another bright spot transplanted from Middle Tennessee to Memphis by @saraclark.

One thought on “Why I am not in charge of naming flowers

  1. This vicarious, artistic, photographic garden is the best thing ever!
    Rudbeckia Goldsturm–you have happy little German Schwartze Augen Susans.

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