11.5.12: ONE YEAR OLD!

One Year

My Buds:

We made it! We survived that mythical and all-important first year! And I think we did a bang-up job.

Look how far you’ve come:

what a difference one year makes

Can you believe it? It is surreal to think that a year ago, you came into this world and I got my first good look at you, and you were so new and unfamiliar to me. I had to learn how you looked; you were a wonderful combination of features from your Daddy and me and with every new movement and expression you made, I saw something new in you, something new to the world. Now I have every curve of your sweet face memorized even though you are changing and growing so quickly.

photo by Lesley Lassiter

You have eight teeth now — four on top, four on bottom — and you are a mobile little machine. You’re not quite crawling, but you are scooting and rolling and can get around a room. You will get up on all fours but you haven’t figured out the forward momentum thing yet. You looooove Mr. Kitty and pet him and pull at his whiskers. He is still unsure of you, though.

You are obsessed with trying to get my eyeball. That is, if you get past my glasses. (You like to get Daddy’s glasses too.) You think it is SO FUNNY when I close my eyes and you grab at my lashes and I open my eye. It surprises you every time and you craaaack up. You also think it is so funny when you’re taking a bath and I have to thwack the shower curtain out of the way. You have a very sophisticated sense of humor.

party4 party3

We had a big party for you on the 4th, and lots of family and friends came to wish you happy birthday. You got to meet your other grandmother and your aunt and cousins for the first time. We put you in your finest three-piece suit (complete with tie!) and you had a cupcake for the first time. You weren’t quite sure about it until Daddy helpfully smeared some icing on your face. Then you decided to demolish it.

party6 party15


That was a lot of fun, and we were so happy to see everyone. I hope you realize some day just how much you are loved, and I hope you pay that love forward, Buds. (And yes, I AM going to mail that stack of thank-you cards some day.)

In October we took you to Walden Farm to see the animals and pick out some pumpkins. You and the animals seemed equally impressed with one another, and you did not care for being placed on a tractor. Your grandpa will be very disappointed to hear that.

walden3 walden20


It’s been a really nice fall. We’ve gone for lots of walks and enjoyed the beautiful leaves and big blue sky. Passersby always give you big smiles.

Christmas is coming up fast. I think you’ve already got the right idea.


I want to take you to see the lights at Opryland Hotel. I am so excited to really start making our own family traditions for the holidays. I hope you hold the same sense of warmth and wonder I had around the holidays when I was young. That is a gift my parents gave to me and I want to give you the same.


What a wonderful year we’ve had, little man. You have made life so much sweeter for us.

This Buds is a swinger Extreme closeup!!! Bathtub Mohawk