Imperial Lanes


Y’all know there’s a 24-hour bowling alley in town, right?

Just checking. Because this is what it looks like at 1 a.m. on a Sunday.

0221 0260

0236 0267


I dunno. Just seems a little weird is all.

Maybe it’s the lack of a bar. But enterprising folks could just sit out in the car and pass a bottle of champagne around before going inside, were the lack of a bar to seem intimidating.

Just saying.

Or maybe it’s the damned manual scoring. I have some theories about what automatic scoring hath wrought, children, and those theories involve the dumbing down and vigorous math-tardation of our culture. Just think about it. Okay now stop.

Imperial Lanes, future home of Lebowski Fest: Memphis.

3 thoughts on “Imperial Lanes

  1. thanks for posting these, it takes me back to cases of PBR in the car and warped lanes, just mere minutes from the interstate and the neigborhood I grew up in

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