Lady, have you been in a coma for a couple of decades?

I’m combing the interwebinars for Memphis Tea Party coverage to post to The Memphis Blog, and I’m seeing a good deal of dumb/awful/racist/troubling/violent signs, but here’s one that I honestly just don’t understand.

10 thoughts on “Lady, have you been in a coma for a couple of decades?

  1. I love the “Tax the Illegal Mexican” sign the best. Really? Because the only way to do that is allow them to be here legally–make them citizens or get guest worker visas. It could really work. Oh? You don’t want to do that? You just want to have some magic system to tax illegal Mexicans and not other illegal immigrants? Nevermind.

    And yeah, if she’s never been embarrassed of Washington before, she hasn’t been paying much attention.

  2. honestly, i don’t understand why she felt the need to cap her red sharpie after the word “ashamed”, use the black one for “of”, recap it, uncap the red again and finish her sign…way too much artistic effort, not enough thought…

  3. She looks a lot like a friend of my dad’s…. hahaha it’s not her though, that WOULD be funny. Yes, she is retarded.

  4. I would be surprised if the overwhelming majority of folks there weren’t there because of their impotent racist rage at having a black President. I had a commenter on the Memphis Flyer site call me a “watermelon,” and he didn’t even know how round I am.

  5. She is spoofing Michelle Obama’s “ashamed” comment that caused a lot of criticism pre-election. Then again, I doubt she is that clever. I’m irritated by the haphazard execution of said sign. From far away, I doubt anyone can even read her shit.

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