Oops, I never did follow up on the neighbor dogs

After I left a note complaining about the barking, I got a voicemail from my neighbor. She apologized profusely for the barking and said she was just horrified to know they’d been keeping us up. She said that she’d had some painters in the house while she was out of town and they’d apparently left the dogs outside or something. She said please don’t hesitate to let her know if they were bothering us, and left two phone numbers to use.

Super awesome. I really wasn’t expecting her to be so cool about it; I always assume people will be the biggest jerks possible when confronted. I tried calling her back but it just rang and rang. So today I dropped off a thank-you card telling her how much we appreciated her understanding, and that we’d be happy to check in on the dogs if she ever needed us to while she was away.

Happy ending, yay!

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