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Saturday morning at 6, I will rise out of bed like a very large, potentially grumpy phoenix and make my way to Cooper-Young to set up my booth for Cooper-Young Festival. I’ll be in C7, which is over by Cafe Ole on Cooper.

I’ll be selling the same sorts of things that are available in my Etsy shop: photo prints (framed and unframed), quirky art prints, crafty things, note cards, recipe cards, posters, magnets, and opportunities to sign up for custom work. I’ve never sold any of my stuff in person before, nor have I ever manned a craft-fair booth, so this should be all sorts of learning experiences rolled into one. I honestly have no idea what to expect, so I am going to keep the bar nice and low and not expect too much. Just some networking and socializing and people-watching, and hoping people like my stuff at least enough to stop by and take a card. I keep reading online that people don’t buy photos at craft fairs. Uh, or at all, really. But I figure I have to put myself out there and at least try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that.

Later this week once I get everything organized, I’ll post a preview of what will be for sale. There will be several things not available in the Etsy shop.

some of my inventory some more inventory

So if you’ll be at C-Y Fest, come say hello!

3 thoughts on “The happy (hopefully) hawker

  1. WANT to be there. Ack. Many many good wishes to you for a busy and profitable day, with many future commissioned works.

    You *have* made a tabletop sign that says, “Baby will need shoes,” with an arrow pointing to your tum, yes? Because that also is MARKETING. ;oD

  2. Two Hints:

    1. Pack yourself a bag with water/drinks and snacks. You will talk constantly and not be able to walk away and eat. Perhaps a cold subway sandwich?

    2. Make a sign that says “You’ll be right back” when you have to step away and pile some business/contact cards in front of it. You’ll have to go to the bathroom at some point and when you do, your booth will be mobbed. Make friends with the person in the booth next door and trade out watching over each other’s stuff when you go.

    There will be 10 lookers for every 1 buyer, but yes people do buy. Even more they take your info and look you back up on the web.

    Put your contact info on your receipts or on something that goes with every purchase.

  3. Saraclark gives the best advice, hands-down.

    The business-cards-with-receipts thing is something I wish every craft fair/festival vendor would do. I bought a really cute knit hat at the Ren Fest this year but have no recollection of what the place was called. I’d love to buy a scarf or something else from her, but I don’t even know where to start.

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