‘It’s hard to take risks’

Thanks, chums, for the CDs. I dig, a lot.

Today I’ve been a big sack of lazy. I don’t know why it is that on the one day a week when I have a crap ton of time to get stuff done, I lie around in pajamas the longest. Oh, wait, yeah, I do know. Because I am human. Hear me doze. Also, I spent the morning recuperating from last night’s inaugural YarbroDill potluck, which was all kinds of lovely. So my brain is just now starting to unfog. Listen, people, I am not a morning person, and to me, morning lasts until roughly 3 p.m.

Today’s true accomplishments: I’ve eaten a cup of cereal, created and sent an e-card, and watched Jesus Camp. I very nearly cried at the child abuse going on in the evangelical church, including the horrific rattails that said culture apparently encourages. I’ve also spent some time thinking about the country I would like to move to if McCain wins the election. I’m conflicted. Go north or south on this continent or jump a pond? However, as others have helpfully pointed out, perhaps evacuating would be a bad move, because then I would be on the receiving end of the U.S.’s no doubt disastrous foreign policy. This election/culture war/economy horseshit is giving me an ulcer. I don’t want to leave the apartment, but I hate to waste a perfectly good day off.

Okay, enough of these pixels. I’m going to take a shower and throw away these toenail clippings that are on the desk and go to the liquor store and maybe drive out east to visit Ashley and JD and Luke.

One thought on “‘It’s hard to take risks’

  1. Jesus Camp was horrifying. Even more horrifying is that many of our country’s leaders are all for that sort of thing. The worry could be the reason I have been on Nexium for the past two years!

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