World’s most pointless nitpick

I saw Monsters vs. Aliens tonight, because I am a sucker for overpriced kids’ movies in 3-D.

And while, like Watchmen, it was gorgeous to behold but had a stupid, not very engaging story (*ducks to avoid nerd pummeling*), there was one snippet of dialogue that immediately lodged into my brain like a verbal splinter.

There’s this giant lady monster, see, and she’s being introduced to her new monster home, tended by a wacky military general.

Giant lady: How long will I be here?

Wacky general: Inevitably.


I feel like that exchange right there is indicative of why Dreamworks animation pictures tend to fall just short of Pixar’s brilliance, again and again. It’s the writing, stupid. Get it right: Indefinitely.

Anyway, it’s a cute movie, take your kids, blah blah blah. They’ll be mesmerized by the blob thing especially. And Seth Rogen’s laugh.