This town


I have been living here for a year, nearly, and it occurred to me the other day that I still can’t find my way around with any sense of purpose. I have this vague notion of the geography of Nashville, sort of like you see in maps like this, which is even more shameful considering I lived in Murfreesboro for nearly five years and I had plenty of time to learn to comprehend the layout of Davidson County.

I am happy here; it’s not as rough a transition learning to live here as it might have been nearly anywhere else on the planet. For me, at least. I hate being exiled in Antioch but it’s what we can afford and honestly it’s not that bad of a drive to get to the good stuff. I feel sort of culturally disconnected from Nashville, from the arty underbelly that made me love Midtown Memphis so much. I need to curate haunts and routines that involve the city more and be less of a commuter drone.

It takes me so long to get settled. I just the other day unpacked some boxes in the office/cat room that I had left sitting, assuming we’d be moving again before needing to unpack them. This is home. It’s time to get comfortable.