Day 132: Blur

Day 132: Blur

I don’t even know how to keep up anymore. And they say the ride just keeps spinning faster and faster the longer it goes.

I had one of those moments tonight where I let some bit of the news get to me, stop me with a screech, hold my jaw tight in its hands until I paid attention and processed it and it made me feel sick. I read the pilots’ transcript from the Continental crash back in February, and just sat there with a heavy gut. To read that co-pilot talking about crashing with no idea that’s what’s going to happen to her less than five minutes from the moment those words left her mouth? I could vomit.

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3 thoughts on “Day 132: Blur

  1. Obviously, there is radio saturation regarding this news around here. People are denying the fact that she said, “I’ve never deiced,” but it seems pretty plain that she did.

  2. I read that transcript yeterday and it affected me exactly the same way.

  3. @Tamara
    I just can’t even imagine the mood regarding this story where you are. So sad.

    There’s just something cruel about how it played out. Something so ruthless about the inevitability of it. Makes me sick.

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