The exposure of Ernest Withers

The CA broke a pretty fascinating story on Sunday: Ernest Withers, the iconic civil rights photographer, was a paid FBI informant. It’s almost too crazy to contemplate, but most history is, if you think about it.

I was lucky enough to get to do the print layout, although that meant that I had to sit on such a crazy story for a few weeks. That’s nothing compared to Marc Perrusquia’s having to keep mum about it for the months — hell, years — leading up to publication.

I’ve got the pages, arranged by spread, after the jump:

Withers exposed 1

Withers exposed 2 Withers exposed 3

Withers exposed 4 Withers exposed 5

Withers exposed 6 Withers exposed 7

Check out the FBI’s paper trail and more information here. And the Washington Post has some reactions here.

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