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I woke up early this morning (Friday) in a wet spot. I usually don’t pee myself in my sleep (or elsewhere) but I knew that sort of thing can happen in pregnancy, so I wasn’t quite sure what was going on. I laid there in bed for a while and noticed an ache in my lower back that felt like a menstrual cramp. It radiated out toward my stomach. Each cramp lasted about a minute and they came in 10- to 17-minute intervals while I laid there pondering what to do. I talked to my midwife and we agreed to sort of play it by ear and pay attention to the progression of the symptoms. Not too long after noon, when I was contemplating getting ready for work, it became quite clear that I wasn’t peeing myself but that something in fact was happening. I’ve got to take some precautions and keep an eye on some things to make sure no infection sets in (always a concern with premature rupture of membranes). But so far I feel good.

So I’ve been resting up today and taking it kind of easy in the anticipation of something major happening soon. Of course the timing could not be wackier because Ray has to take the MPRE at 9 in the morning. I know none of this is really under our control, but we’re hoping we can kind of coast until Ray’s done with his test. And then, unless things have picked up on their own (which my midwife thinks might actually happen over night tonight), we’re going to start some natural methods of getting things going, since the clock is kinda ticking now.

Soon, we’re going to have a baby. My labor supplies are ready to go and I had a nice dinner of salmon and roasted vegetables. I’m about to head to bed to see if I can get some sleep since I was up so early today and just sort of napped a little this evening.

I just had another one of those back pain menstrual cramp things. God, I guess I should call them contractions, but saying that makes it even more real and … OH MY GOD I AM HAVING A BABY.

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