Happy 10th birthday, T&G

I have been blogging for 10 years this month. I can’t figure out the exact day I really started because I began “blogging” using Geocities-hosted web pages that I slapped up on my old (dead) domain, theology-and-geometry.com. The Wayback Machine used to keep a bunch of my content from that site archived, but I’ve noticed over the years the amount that it indexes continues to dwindle, and now you can’t even really get past the splash page for any of the dates.

I would write a post — with hand-coded html formatting — on a basic page, and then for the next entry, create a new page for the previous post so it would link behind the first page, cut and paste the previous entry and put it on the new page and then put my new entry on the splash page. And so on. God, it was tedious. And then that November, Blogger happened. And that, friends, sealed the deal. Blogger made it so incredibly easy. And I could dink with how the whole thing looked a lot more easily than in Geocities. Also, Blogger would work on a Mac. Geocities’ PageBuilder thingy wouldn’t. Can you imagine?

So that is why my archives here only go back to November 2003.

I was a student then, a year away from wrapping up my college experience and thrusting myself into the workplace. Ugh. “Thrusting.” I lived with my boyfriend in a small one-bedroom apartment — with a laundry room! — that we paid $425 a month for. We had two ferrets. We had a rule that at night we would only watch things on TV that were nonviolent, nonthreatening and nonaggressive. I played video games. I wasn’t speaking to my sister and I don’t remember why. My family’s political incorrectness was really novel and annoying to me then, and made me question my DNA origins.

I worried constantly about grades and assignments and all three of my jobs. “I am tired of working 51 hours a week” is a thing I wrote, and EL OH EL because if I could drop into my 2003 self’s dreams I would laugh in her face about thinking that working 51 hours a week in college was going to be the last time I would work so hard.

It was a sweet little life. Not without its trials, of course. I sort of wish I had used my time in college to break out of my comfort zone a little more. Travel more. Sleep around, maybe? Do a lot of mind-expanding drugs? I don’t know. I say I should have done those things but I am pretty sure I would have felt completely ridiculous even trying to have some kind of typical wild college experience. I’ve been middle-aged my whole life.

So here’s to 10 years of writing it down. Gonna aim for 10 more.

Welcome. I think.

Well, here we are. I say “I think” up there because I’m not entirely confident that I’ve got the kinks worked out to the extent that I should be letting people look at what I’ve done here. I mean, I know for a fact that there’s some wonky shit happening downpage — scroll and take a look — and I am having no luck figuring out why some posts are bleeding into others and why my damn manual line breaks are not working and bumping the text down below the photos like they’re supposed to. I don’t know, and if I can’t figure it out on my own, I’m sure I’ll go groveling to some of my fancy web-developer friends. You kids with your programming languages. You disgust me.

Anyway, let’s all wave goodbye to the blogspot-era T&G pictured below:

goodbye, faithful blogspot blog

As you can see, my crush on Helvetica Neue 25 Ultra Light continues unabated. There’s just something about that typeface that makes me breathe a little heavy when I see it. You type nerds know what I’m talking about. I’m pretty excited to be typing body text in Verdana, too. I’m not sure why I didn’t switch to it sooner. And check out that justification! I can’t decide if I like it, though. Maybe that’s what’s causing all those muff-ups below.

So my master plan — it’s so important that I’ve got it scrawled on a sticky note — is to flesh out the domain and have a professional corner and a photography corner and some other corners I can’t think of right now because I can’t find my damn sticky note. (Right now if you go to theogeo.com you’ll get a very rude 403 error. My apologies for both there being an error page there — I’ve yet to build an index page — and for how curt it is. The world and the internet could use less of that rude shit.) This place could end up a proper website, if I do it up right. Or it could end up like this hot mess right here (warning, there is sound — hideous, hideous sound). We’ll just have to see.