Rural decay update

In 2006, I took this photo and named it “Nature always wins.”

nature always wins

Here’s how that truck looks now.


Nature is still winning.

Friday Flower: Nostalgia edition

I’ve been in Nashville three years now and I still miss growing my own flowers. There’s nothing keeping me from it, really, except time and money. I’m real short on both these days. Some day I hope to get back to having my own little flower beds and array of potted beauties that will collect the morning dew and sit still while I point my camera at them in the early morning light.

At least I get to hang out and get close to the lovelies in my mom’s garden when I visit. Remember the Friday Flower feature I used to post here ages ago? Here’s an honorary addition, thanks to a trip to Saltillo last weekend:





Curled up, not asleep


When you get close enough to one of these things, you can see how much they look like some kind of alien cyborg with brightly colored armor. And they just look mean.

Tiny prayers



This little dude was just hanging out on the knob of the rocking chair the other day.

Random fuzzy caterpillar picture of the week


This guy has been doing art installations in which he gives leaves unconventional shapes. Truly inspiring work.