My oldest nephew graduates high school this year

That seems like an insane thing when it seems like he was JUST THISBIG. Like so (2007):

casey's birthday — June 30

He’s about to be a man now, about to bust into the adult world. Guh.

I got to shoot his senior pictures over the weekend. He wanted to have them done on the farm rather than on the grounds of the Pickwick Inn or wherever the standard Hardin County senior shots are done. We crammed the whole shoot into the magic hour and I had to call his brother a jackass to get him to smile showing his teeth so obviously it was fun.

He looks just like his dad but then you zoom in close to do some editing and suddenly you see my sister in all his facial features. It’s wild.

He’s a good kid and he’s got a lot of growing up to do but don’t we all?


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