Internet, I’m moving to Nashville

Over the years I have always wondered, when a blogger I followed made a last-minute “I’m leaving the city!” announcement, why he or she waited so long to announce it on the blog, and why there was usually a lack of contemplative “what does it mean for my life that I’m moving?” kinds of posts in the run-up to the departure. And now I know that it’s because when you decide to rip your life up from the roots and cram it hundreds of miles away in a new city with a new home and a new job and new routines and new expenses, THERE IS NO TIME TO LOOK AT YOUR NAVEL, NOT EVEN FOR A SECOND TO REMOVE THAT NASTY LINT YOU’VE BEEN IGNORING FOR THREE WEEKS.

And so here it is, my big announcement: I am packing up and moving this crazed little life to Nashville to take a new job. I have been at The CA for seven and a half years and, as you can see from a recent post, things lately are not great. But let’s not dwell on that; it’s actually much more accurate to say that I have been offered a really interesting opportunity that is going to help me grow careerwise and personally. I’ve accepted a position as Gulf Coast team leader at the Gannett Design Studio of Nashville. I will be helping manage the design of five newspapers in the Gulf Coast region. It’s a robust gig, one with a ton of responsibility. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little intimidated by the prospect, but I think that’s because I have been doing my current job for so long that it’s scary to think about doing something I’ve never done before. It’ll be much less actual live design and much more mentoring, planning, organizing, communicating, and managing.

I’m heartbroken in many ways to be leaving Memphis. I feel like my time here was cut short and that I had a lot more Memphis living in me. But I made it count; I met some of the most amazing, interesting people in this city, and I got to be a part of some incredible things because of those people. Memphis will always be home to me and I will always cherish my little house on Midland because it is where my baby boy was created and where he came into this world. Memphis will always be sacred to me because it’s a tough city and living here has made me a stronger person. And also a more grumpy person but I think that would have happened anywhere. Many people don’t see the beauty in a city like Memphis and I’ve had more than one person use my moving as an opportunity to tell me how much they think Memphis sucks. That’s too bad; I think it takes a special kind of understanding of the fucked-up kind of beauty and humor the world can present to really appreciate it here. And the music. I am going to miss that lazy pulse of bass-driven blues when I have to trade it for twangs and fiddle strokes.

I’m sad that Holden will be leaving his first friends, but I know we will be back to visit and I hope our friends feel free to drop by if they find themselves in Middle Tennessee.

It’s scary picking up and starting again when just two years ago I thought I was going to be settled for a good long while.

Which reminds me: Anyone looking to rent a house?

6 thoughts on “Internet, I’m moving to Nashville

  1. Exciting! I need more Mommy friends! I’d love to meet up when you get settled! :)

  2. I am very happy for you, because it enables you to escape the madness of Scripps. I am sad for my city, because the last thing we need is to lose bright, sharp folks like you.

  3. Congrats to you! Sad for Memphis and for the talent the CA is losing. I grew up in Middle Tennessee and though my heart (and body) is in Memphis, Middle TN treated me right (mostly). Keep writing :)

  4. I never understand why people say they hate Memphis. Especially people who’ve just visited. Granted, I’ve never lived there, but I dated a dude who did so I’ve spent a good amount of time there (and honestly, if I don’t hate Memphis even after associating it with that dickwad, other people should give it a chance).

    Nashville is a fine city, but compared to other Southern cities like Memphis and Atlanta (and maybe even Chattanooga to a certain extent) it just seems very suburban to me. Not like a real city except in little pockets. Maybe the Memphis haters really just don’t like city life.

  5. Just finally catching up and figuring out where you’re off to and what for. Psyched you’re headed for that gig, and I know there are great people at the design studio and the Tennessean. Welcome to the vast, sprawling, lumbering giant of a team. :)

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