Day 306: Shutters

Day 306: Shutters

Felt good enough to spend some time at the house, unpacking boxes of books and knick-knacks, running ratty paper towels over dusty panes, measuring windows and walls to get an idea of what stuff will be able to fit where, and making notes in neat cursive on old notebook paper. Gave two tours of the house and even got a bottle of wine hand delivered to me by Mr. Fancycwabs, Professional Educator, himself. So far the verdict from my visitors has been unanimously good, but like anyone is going to walk into my house and declare that they hate it. I should probably take a moment here to point out to anyone who feels compelled to do anything but fawn over my hard-won little home that I have a sizable back yard in which several bodies would fit beneath the soil. Comfortably. And pretty soon I’ll have my very own shovel.

All day as I pilfered through cabinets and drawers and closets, I noticed stuff the seller had left behind. Useful stuff; not annoying crap that I have to throw out. Extra window locks, plant hooks, spare floor boards/caulk/glue, paint, painting supplies, cables, kitchenware (containers and storage devices), even a bottle of wine (non-alcoholic chardonnay, which apparently exists) and two bottles of sparkling juice and cider. Oh, and a wine rack! This is in addition to all the plants and outdoor stuff — chairs, swingset, birdbath, water hose and caddy, lawn art, plants (nice plants, like a potted hydrangea and huge ferns and some other things my mom ID’d but I forgot to write down). I’m kind of gobsmacked by it a little, to be honest. I’m definitely going to have to pay it forward when and if I move next time.

Overall I’ve felt better today, even though I caught a couple of welts oh my arms early in the afternoon. I pumped myself full of drugs, though, and that was that. Now I’m fighting another wicked headache that cropped up an hour ago. These things are relentless lately. I imagine it’s all part of the wacky allergens that are apparently coursing through my body like drunken, streaking frat boys. My cells are mutinying, apparently. About time. I’ve been treating them like shit for a while.

Eh, but enough about that. I love my house. I love it.

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