Day 101/365: What’s Blooming

Day 101/365: What's Blooming

My grandmother potted this for me last year and called it a bleeding heart. But it looks just like a columbine bloom, only it’s clumpy and grows much taller than my purple columbines. And the internet returns something much different when I search for “bleeding heart.” So I’m going to call it a columbine, at the risk of inciting grandmotherly rage.

What else is out there?

12april3   12april1
Snapdragons, I forget what it’s called.

3april61   3april59
Creeping phlox, little moonflower weed thingies (they are on their last legs)

31march8   11april1
azaleas (I’ve got several varieties in pink, hot pink, and white), columbine

20march8   21march3   20march9
tulip (last of the petals just fell), armeria, vinca

IMG_1711   21march6
verbena, purity candytuft

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  1. There’s a variety of azaelea that has bronzy leaves and salmon-colored flowers- blooms a bit later than the pinks and whites. Love it!

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