Blogging is hard!


“I was good at blogging and then sucked at blogging before you were even born!”

This is an actual insult that I am preparing to spit at some youngstuff should I ever need to.

Seriously, people, when did this get so hard? I started two other posts tonight but then hit walls with both where I just realized, “Nope! I don’t have the gumption necessary to hit publish on either topic!” And it’s not like I’m over here rebooting War and Peace or anything. Sad!*

So anyway in lieu of anything actually real, here is a photo of a caladium that I potted and that promptly withered up and wasted away (to return, I hope, once it settles in to its new home).

* Historical footnote, for aliens or archaeologists reading this in the future: At some point in 2016/2017, everyone started punctuating everything with a one-word insult followed by an exclamation point as a way to show our allegiance to our ineloquent overlord, one Donald J. Trump.

Mid-year resolution

Write more, even when it is inconvenient. Even when it feels redundant, superfluous.

Put it all down and crystallize it in pixels. You will be dead some day and there will be nothing of you to inherit except some irreverent crap on the web.


Stories I don’t even have to make up

I’m going to start dream blogging again.

Here’s a delicious nugget from a dream I had in 2008 that I had completely forgotten about:

A very portly gentleman is telling me something about America and colonial political theory. He says, “Benjamin Franklin felt that everyone should be able to fly whatever kite they wanted, but that no one should be able to see your key.” He leans back and begins unbuckling his belt, and I freak out, thinking he’s some kind of perv. He reassures me that no, he just wants to show me his belly, which is portly because there’s a baby in there. He cups his right manboob and tells me that he’s lactating.

How can you pass up that kind of quality content?

Follow along. Or, better yet, let me know if you want to contribute. Nocturnal Admissions was originally set up as a group blog and I’d adore it if it could pick back up as one.

Comment here or email me: Theogeo at Gmail.

Happy 10th birthday, T&G

I have been blogging for 10 years this month. I can’t figure out the exact day I really started because I began “blogging” using Geocities-hosted web pages that I slapped up on my old (dead) domain, The Wayback Machine used to keep a bunch of my content from that site archived, but I’ve noticed over the years the amount that it indexes continues to dwindle, and now you can’t even really get past the splash page for any of the dates.

I would write a post — with hand-coded html formatting — on a basic page, and then for the next entry, create a new page for the previous post so it would link behind the first page, cut and paste the previous entry and put it on the new page and then put my new entry on the splash page. And so on. God, it was tedious. And then that November, Blogger happened. And that, friends, sealed the deal. Blogger made it so incredibly easy. And I could dink with how the whole thing looked a lot more easily than in Geocities. Also, Blogger would work on a Mac. Geocities’ PageBuilder thingy wouldn’t. Can you imagine?

So that is why my archives here only go back to November 2003.

I was a student then, a year away from wrapping up my college experience and thrusting myself into the workplace. Ugh. “Thrusting.” I lived with my boyfriend in a small one-bedroom apartment — with a laundry room! — that we paid $425 a month for. We had two ferrets. We had a rule that at night we would only watch things on TV that were nonviolent, nonthreatening and nonaggressive. I played video games. I wasn’t speaking to my sister and I don’t remember why. My family’s political incorrectness was really novel and annoying to me then, and made me question my DNA origins.

I worried constantly about grades and assignments and all three of my jobs. “I am tired of working 51 hours a week” is a thing I wrote, and EL OH EL because if I could drop into my 2003 self’s dreams I would laugh in her face about thinking that working 51 hours a week in college was going to be the last time I would work so hard.

It was a sweet little life. Not without its trials, of course. I sort of wish I had used my time in college to break out of my comfort zone a little more. Travel more. Sleep around, maybe? Do a lot of mind-expanding drugs? I don’t know. I say I should have done those things but I am pretty sure I would have felt completely ridiculous even trying to have some kind of typical wild college experience. I’ve been middle-aged my whole life.

So here’s to 10 years of writing it down. Gonna aim for 10 more.

I forgot how to blog :(

I used to have the urge to write all the time, just to indulge those itchy fingers and get those mundane thoughts out into the ether, get them out of me. Now I spend a lot of time thinking about sitting down to write something and then thinking about what I would write and getting SO FUCKING BORED with myself. I have nothing to add to the conversation at large. I never did, probably, but I used to do it anyway because that’s what you did on the internet seven years ago.

It’s annoying. I’m mad at my muse; she is off somewhere without me and I always get this way when I feel abandoned.

I go to BSMF so you don’t have to

… although this year’s lineup is pretty sweet, so I really recommend that you make it down there if you can.

My colleagues and I will be posting updates to our live-coverage Tumblr tonight, tomorrow and Sunday — Follow us there or on Twitter: @gomemphis. You can also watch the action at our Memphis in May info site, where lots of tips and tricks are posted for your perusal. We’ll be the first to know if the river decides to swallow Downtown, so stay tuned for that.

Happy weekend!

Another way to waste the day

I have a Tumblr. I’ve had it for a long time, but never done anything with it since I’ve got the blog and the Twitter and the Flickr and the dear god all that other crap.

I finally figured out what to use it for.

Phone photodump!

You know, if you are into that sort of thing.