Day 361: Noel

Day 361: Noel

The family had its Christmas Day giftapalooza Sunday when I could be there. I got digital photo frames for my parents, grandmother, and sister, and everyone seemed to like them (especially when I loaded up jump drives with hundreds of photos so they didn’t have to do the heavy lifting, although some people didn’t hesitate to critique the photos I had chosen for display; note to self — Grandmaw does not appreciate my “art” shots). My haul was more generous than I deserve, as always. Among the gifts was a huge set of fancy knives from my parents, so I pity the next hunk of meat or vegetable stalk I encounter, because I am going to cut the everloving hell out of it.

Mom made an outstanding cheesecake for my birthday cake and we ended the evening with a couple of games of Scrabble and a couple of glasses of pink bubbly. Pretty fine.

So that’s it, then. Another holiday season in the books. They are coming faster and furiouser these days and I can’t even pretend to keep up.

I’ll try though. The goal is to try.

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