Nick: i took a nap
now i’m up
tallking to the mom
her dentist yanked her widsom teeth along time ago apparntly
that sounds unpleasant
me: eeesh, yeah
Nick: gonna try eating ice cream again
last time it came up in a bloody vomit mess
me: is that true? ahahah
i mean, sorry
Nick: it was right after i got home
and i was supposed to take a lortab
and the note said to take it was a heavy liquid likea milkshake
so i tried it with ice cream
i think the lortab stayed down
but there was chocolate ice cream and blood everywhere
like some sorta anal sex gone awry situation
on my face
i’m a fuckin poet
me: you are the cause of all my most disgusting mental images
Nick: thats the nicest thing you ever said to me
me: well, i mean it