And so it begins…


When Ray goes to pee, he makes a big production out of it. Not for me … most of the time. For Holden.

He goes: “Dada gonna pee pee in the POTTY!” and acts like it’s the most exciting thing he’s ever done.

Holden, of course, takes the bait with great gusto and follows Ray into the bathroom and watches him do his business. Ray bids his urine a ceremonious farewell by saying, “BYE BYE, PEE PEES! BYE BYE!” and flushes the toilet, putting down the seat and the lid. At which point Holden, who has been watching the entire scene with rapt attention, reaches out to pat the closed lid a couple of times while Ray says, “Godspeed, pee pees. Godspeed.”

Every time.

It is fucking adorable, the whole thing.

But it means we are already potty training. Enter the frog potty. Oh lord god help us all.

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