This is crazy this is crazy this is crazy

That’s what keeps running through my head as I’m going through the business of making this move. I just keep picturing Clark Griswold clapping his hands together and saying it over and over.

So here is where we are and where we have been.

We found a house! After three weekends of searching plus ALL THE INTERNET RESEARCHING, we ended up deciding to go with a house on a tip supplied by Sarcastro. (Apropos of nothing, I miss Sarcastro’s blog.) It’s cozy with a sweet little porch, a bay window, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a deck out back, and a bonus room/den/office area, complete with a perfect little spot for the cats to shit. You would not believe how difficult it is to find a house with a good spot for cats to shit. And there is a little laundry room with tall shelves for me to store all the crap I will inevitably drag along with me since I won’t have enough time to sift through everything and chunk much of it.

We had this other house we really loved but it wasn’t a 100 percent deal and we decided we needed to go ahead and push the button on something definite before we left town. I was getting pretty discouraged with the house hunt* and just needed to feel like we had something we could rely on so I could go ahead and start making moving plans. I start my job Wednesday, after all, and much of the packing and moving is going to have to happen while I am 200 miles away. This makes the control freak in me want to barf.

So I am going to Nashville tomorrow night to stay with Matt and Amanda. And then I report at 9 a.m. to the new job. I’ll come back to Memphis Friday night to continue packing and then back to Nashville Sunday night. We won’t actually move into the house until around the 11th so that it going to be pretty rough. I cannot imagine being away from my baby for a week but that is the reality of the situation so we are going to just do it, I guess. We will figure out the details as we stumble toward them.

It’s exciting and scary.

Here goes.

* We had an appointment to view a house at 10 a.m. Sunday. The landlord told me over the phone that 10 a.m. would be good because the family would be at church and we could poke around the house. I assumed he would clear all of this with the family. We showed up at the scheduled time and knocked on the door. A lady answered and was flabbergasted at our presence. I told her why we were there and she said no one had communicated anything with her. “We still live here!” she said with complete exasperation. She was in a nightgown and I heard kids in the background. We got back into the car and suddenly my phone started blowing up — it was the number of the landlord. I finally thought maybe I had gone to the wrong house when he texted, “R U gettn close I am here waitin.” I called back. Turns out he had just gotten there after us, I guess. I told him the tenant had no idea we were coming. “Who answered the door?” he asked. “That big fat lady?” Aaaand scene.