Things that are wrong with my MacBook Pro

• The optical drive won’t read discs or burn them
• The fan is on constantly regardless of the computer’s temperature or how hard it’s working
• The battery is bulging and the computer tells me it needs to be replaced immediately; full charge gets me 35 minutes of time unplugged
• The trackpad is malfunctioning and sticking, making it more or less impossible to actually do anything on the damn thing. It thinks it is being clicked constantly when it’s not, leading me to accidentally drag things around and into other folders, highlight everything, close and open programs, open and minimize windows, etc.

(For the record, the MBP was purchased in the summer of 2008. I have all of its files backed up, phew.)

Fortunately I’ve got the iMac to rely on so I won’t be computerless. But there are times when I travel and do work (especially photo stuff on the go) with a laptop so I am going to need another one eventually.

So. Try to get it repaired or just start saving (HA HA HA HA) for a new one?

Speak, nerds. Give me your wisdom.

You see where I get it, right?

My mom just sent me pretty much the best e-mail in the history of e-mails from mothers:

I am in Crazyland! Now all my new emails are loading, and each one of them are loading ten times apiemce. OMG I am going to commit hyperlink-acide. Goodbye.

xoxo with pc passion preferring pleasure but perennially pissed! Please forego the lectures on the superiority of Macs! lol

Keep in mind that my mom’s e-mails get to me in blue italics, which adds the perfect dash of momliness.

I have become one of those kids who can’t stop telling their parents to junk the 2001 Dell and just get a little MacBook. And I will continue to be one of those kids until my parents buy a huge 24-inch iMac.